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Transcriptomic dose-response to ionizing radiation in zebrafish with batch effect


A sample of an RNAseq data set of the dose-response to the chronic exposure to ionizing radiation of zebrafish embryo from fertilization and up to 48 hours post-fertilization with the corresponding batch effect of the experiment.




zebraf contains a list of three objects, zebraf$counts an integer matrix of counts of reads (1000 rows for a sample pf 1000 transcripts and 16 columns for the 16 sampels), zebraf$dose, a numeric vector coding for the dose of each sample and zebraf$batch a factor coding for the batch of each sample.


Murat El Houdigui, S., Adam-Guillermin, C., Loro, G., Arcanjo, C., Frelon, S., Floriani, M., ... & Armant, O. 2019. A systems biology approach reveals neuronal and muscle developmental defects after chronic exposure to ionising radiation in zebrafish. Scientific reports, 9(1), 1-15.


Zhang, Y., Parmigiani, G., & Johnson, W. E. (2020). ComBat-seq: batch effect adjustment for RNA-seq count data. NAR genomics and bioinformatics, 2(3), lqaa078.

See Also

See https://github.com/zhangyuqing/ComBat-seq for indication of use of the ComBat_seq function of the sva package for batch effect correction and formatdata4DRomics a function that can be used to format those data before use of the DRomics workflow.


# (1) load of data

# (2) formating of data for use in DRomics
data4DRomics <- formatdata4DRomics(signalmatrix = zebraf$counts, 
                           dose = zebraf$dose)

# (3) Normalization and transformation of data followed
# by PCA plot with vizualisation of the batch effect
o <- RNAseqdata(data4DRomics, transfo.method = "vst")
PCAdataplot(o, batch = zebraf$batch)

PCAdataplot(o, label = TRUE)

# (4) Batch effect correction using ComBat_seq{sva}

if(!requireNamespace("sva", quietly = TRUE)) {
BECcounts <- ComBat_seq(as.matrix(o$raw.counts), 
                        batch = as.factor(zebraf$batch), 
                        group = as.factor(o$dose)) 
BECdata4DRomics <- formatdata4DRomics(signalmatrix = BECcounts, 
                                   dose = o$dose)
(o.BEC <- RNAseqdata(BECdata4DRomics, transfo.method = "vst"))
PCAdataplot(o.BEC, batch = zebraf$batch)
PCAdataplot(o.BEC, label = TRUE)

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