Man pages for belasi01/RspectroAbs
Processing absorbance spectra from spectrophotometer

check.Ag.blankPlot a blank spectrum for diagnostic
compute.AphCompute phytoplankton absorption spectrum (Aph) from total...
compute.discrete.aTOT.for.COPSCompute the total absorption for COPS processing of LuZ...
generate.Ag.DBAsemble the CDOM absorption data into a single data base
plot.AgPlot CDOM spectra
process.AgProcess raw optical depth to CDOM spectra and analyse the...
process.ApProcess raw optical depth to Ap spectra using filter-pad...
read.LAMBDA850Read CSV file from lambda 850
read.ULTRAPATHRead CSV file from Ultrapath spectrophotometer
run.compute.Aph.batchCompute phytoplankton absorption spectrum in batch mode
run.process.Ag.batchProcess CDOM spectra in batch mode
run.process.Ap.batchProcess Particulate absorption spectra in batch mode
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