Man pages for benliemory/adaptiveHM
Adaptive Hierarchical Model (adaptiveHM)

adaptiveHM.main.stHMDetect DE genes by stHM
adaptiveHM.main.swHMDetect DE genes by swHM
adaptiveHM-packageAdaptive Hierarchical Model (adaptiveHM)
bayesHierVar.stHMVariance estimate by empirical Bayes Hierarchical model...
bayesHierVar.swHMVariance estimate by empirical Bayes Hierarchical model...
ExampleDataExample Data
GDM_stHMCalculate GDM for given number of groups of stHM
GDM_stHM_figureCalulate and Draw a GDM figure (stHM).
GDM_swHMCalculate GDM for given window size of swHM
GDM_swHM_figureCalulate and Draw a GDM figure. (swHM)
historyHeart Historical Data
IPBT3digitsHistorical information from IPBT priors
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