Man pages for biscuit13161/UNGeneAnno
Collate Gene Annotation Data from Uniprot and NIH Gene Databases

checkEnsemblArchiveQuery Ensembl Archive using Ensembl IDs to confirm whether ID...
geneanno-classAn S4 class to represent the base information used by the...
gene-classAn S4 class to represent a gene.
getEnsembleListQuery Ensembl using Ensembl IDs to find Gene Name
getGeneSummaryCreate gene specific objects containing data from online...
getGroupGeneListCreate unique list of group,gene combinations from input list
getNihQuerycreate initial NIH Query
getNihSummaryGather NIH Gene Data
getPublicationListGather NIH Pubmed Data
getUniprotSummaryGather Uniprot Data
getUniqueGeneListCreate unique list of genes from input list
mygeneanno'geneanno' object
mygenelistInput Vector of Drug/Gene Data
mygenematrixInput Matrix of Drug/Gene Data
mygenesummariesVector Input Vector of Drug/Gene Data
myinputlistInput Vector of Drug/Gene Data
mypublicationsmatrix of 'pubmed' objects
parseInputFileParse files of gene names and group identifiers to create...
produceOutputFilesSave Gene Information to group Specific Output Files
pubmed-classAn S4 class to represent a query to the Pubmed database,...
query-classAn S4 class to represent an initial query to the NCBI...
searchPublicationsCarry out Pubmed search for a matrix
ungeneanno-packageCollate Gene Annotation Data from Uniprot and NIH Gene...
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