Man pages for brechtdv/FERG
DALY Calculation Framework for WHO/FERG

check_convergenceCheck Convergence of Monte Carlo Samples
DALYdata-classClass '"DALYdata"'
DALY-helpersDALY Helper Functions
DALY_mapGlobal Burden of Disease Map
DALYmodel-classClass '"DALYmodel"'
DALY-plotsDALY Plots
DALYrun-classClass '"DALYrun"'
DALY-summarizeLoad, Merge, and Summarize Results by (Sub)Region
extractIncidenceExtract Incidence Data for Imputation
FERG-packageDALY Calculation Framework for WHO/FERG
FERG_reportGenerate FERG PDF Report
getDALY_per_countryCalculate DALYs per Country
getDALY_per_regionAggregate DALYs per WHO Region and Subregion
imputation-functionsMain Imputation Functions
imputation-reportsFunctions to Report on Imputation Activity
read-functionsFunctions to Read, Check and Transform Excel Database
source-attribution-functionsMain Source Attribution Functions
source-attribution-reportSource Attribution Reporting Functions
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