Man pages for briandconnelly/growthcurve
Analysis of Biological Growth

augment.growthcurveAugment Growth Data According to a Tidied Model
autoplot.growthcurveCreate a ggplot for a Growth Curve
fit_growthFit a Growth Curve to the Given Data
fit_growth_gompertzFit a Gompertz Curve to Growth Data
fit_growth_grofit_parametricFit a Parametric Model to Growth Data (using grofit)
fit_growth_grofit_splineFit Smooth Splines to Growth Data (Using grofit)
fit_growth_linearFit a Linear Model to Growth Data
fit_growth_loessFit a Curve to Growth Data using LOESS
fit_growth_logisticFit a Logistic Curve to Growth Data
fit_growth_logistic4pFit a 4-Parameter Logistic Curve to Growth Data
fit_growth_splineFit Smooth Splines to Growth Data
glance.growthcurveConstruct a Single Row Summary of a Growth Model or Fit
grofit_wrappersWrappers for Fitting Growth Curves Using 'grofit'
growthcurveCreate 'growthcurve' Objects
growthcurve-packagegrowthcurve: Analysis of Biological Growth
kvrBacterial growth in a microtiter plate
phagePhage growth data
plot.growthcurvePlot Growth Data and its Fitted Growth Curve
predict.growthcurvePredict method for Growth Curves
pseudomonasGrowth data for Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains
residuals.growthcurveGet Model Residuals from Growth Curve Fits
stat_growthcurveggplot2: Add a fitted growth curve
tidy.growthcurveTidy a Fitted Growth Curve into a Summary data.frame
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