Man pages for brpetrucci/paleobuddy
Simulating Diversification Dynamics

bd.simGeneral rate Birth-Death simulation
bd.sim.constantConstant rate Birth-Death simulation
bd.sim.generalNon-constant rate Birth-Death simulation
binnerBin occurrences in geologic intervals
co2Jurassic CO2 data
find.lineagesSeparate a paleobuddy simulation into monophyletic clades
make.phyloPhylogeny generating
make.rateCreate a flexible rate for birth-death or sampling...
paleobuddypaleobuddy: Simulating diversification dynamics
rexp.varGeneral rate exponential and Weibull waiting times
sample.adppAge-dependent Poisson Process species sampling
sample.cladeGeneral rate species sampling
sample.speciesConstant and time-dependent rate species sampling
tempCenozoic temperature data
var.rate.divExpected diversity for general exponential rates
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