co2: Jurassic CO2 data

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CO2 data during the Jurassic. Modified from the co2 set in RPANDA, originally taken from Mayhew et al (2008, 2012).




A data frame with 53 rows and 2 variables:


A numeric vector representing time since the beginning of the data frame age, 520 million years ago, in million years. We set this from past to present as opposed to present to past since birth-death functions in paleobuddy consider time going in said direction.


A numeric vector representing CO2 concentration as the ratio of CO2 mass at t over the present.



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Berner R.A. & Kothavala, Z. (2001) GEOCARB III: A revised model of atmospheric CO2 over Phanerozoic time Am. J. Sci. 301:182–204.

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