Man pages for bvieth/powsimR
Power Simulations for RNA-sequencing

DESetupSetup options for RNA-seq count simulations.
estimateParamEstimate simulation parameters
estimateSpikeEstimate simulation parameters for spike-ins
evaluateDECompute the confusion matrix-related quantities from...
evaluateDistModel Diagnostics for RNAseq Data
evaluateROCReceiver operator characteristics from simulation results
evaluateSimCompute the performance related metrics from simulation...
gene_lengthsZiegenhain et al. 2017: Gene Lengths
insilicoNBParamIn Silico Simulation Parameters
kolodziejczk_cntsKolodziejczk et al. 2015: Gene Counts
kolodziejczk_paramKolodziejczk et al. 2015: Parameter Estimation
kolodziejczk_simDEKolodziejczk et al. 2015: Simulation Result
plotCountsVisualize simulated counts
plotEvalDEVisualize power assessment
plotEvalDistVisualize distribution assessment
plotEvalSimVisualize power assessment
plotParamVisualize distributional characteristics of RNAseq experiment
plotSpikeVisualize distributional characteristics of spike-ins
plotTimeVisualize computational time
printEvalDESummary table of power assessment
scrbseq_gene_cntsZiegenhain et al. 2017: SCRBseq Gene Counts
scrbseq_spike_cntsZiegenhain et al. 2017: SCRBseq Spike-Ins Counts
scrbseq_spike_infoZiegenhain et al. 2017: SCRBseq Spike-Ins Information
SimSetupDEA options for RNA-seq count simulations in two-group...
simulateCountsSimulate Read Counts
simulateDESimulate Differential Expression
smartseq2_gene_cntsZiegenhain et al. 2017: Smartseq2 Gene Counts
smartseq2_spike_cntsZiegenhain et al. 2017: Smartseq2 Spike-Ins Counts
smartseq2_spike_infoZiegenhain et al. 2017: Smartseq2 Spike-Ins Information
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