snpinfo_to_map: Convert SNP info to map

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Convert SNP info to map





Data frame with SNP information with the following columns (the last three are generally derived from with index_snps):

  • chr - Character string or factor with chromosome

  • pos - Position (in same units as in the "map" attribute in genoprobs.

  • sdp - Strain distribution pattern: an integer, between 1 and 2^n - 2 where n is the number of strains, whose binary encoding indicates the founder genotypes

  • snp - Character string with SNP identifier (if missing, the rownames are used).

  • index - Indices that indicate equivalent groups of SNPs.

  • intervals - Indexes that indicate which marker intervals the SNPs reside.

  • on_map - Indicate whether SNP coincides with a marker in the genoprobs

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