Man pages for cReedHranac/batwintor
Tool for mammalian hibernation energetics

arousalEnergyCalculate energy needed during an arousal from torpor to...
arousalTimeCalculate time to arouse from torpor to euthermic...
batDynamicDeterministic Model of Fungal Growth
batLoadLoad static bat metabolic parameters
bat.paramsModeling parameters for 6 species of hibernating bats.
batwintorbatwintor: A pacakge for computing the metabolic costs of...
buildEnvBuild an environmental space to run the model across
calcQQ10 scaling value as a function of ambient temperature
coolEnergyCalculate energy needed during a cooling to torpor
coolTimeCalculate time to cool from euthermic to torpor.
dangerZonePlotting the difference between infected and and uninfected...''''
euthermicEnergyCalculate energy per time euthermic with ambient temperature
euthermicTimeCalculate time inactive during euthermia
ewlCalculate Evaporative Water Loss
flyingEnergyCalculate the energy expended during flight
flyingTimeCalculate the time spent flying
fungalGrowthHow fungal growth rate varries with body temperature
fungalLoadLoad parameter sets for fungal growth
fungalSelectSelect from built in funal growth parameters.
fung.paramsGrowth coeffecients for funal growth models
getDistributionObtatin the species distribution for a species.
hibernationModelDynamic energy cost calculation'' functions'' converts kCal to grams of fat.''
mrRawTakes raw metabolic data and returns cleaned estimates for...
mrUpdateUpdates build-in metabolic parameter estimates using new...
mylu.paramsMetabolic paramerters for _Myotis lucifigus_.''
scaleFungalGrowthScale fungal growth rate with relative humidity.
SurvDFCreates a dataframe from the survival raster for more perfect...
survivalHistogramCreats histograms displaying the model resulst from the...
survivalPlotterPlots survival raster results including a nice outline of...
survivalRasterConverts model results dataframe into results raster.
torporEnergyCalculate energy per time at toprid body temp given ambient...
torporTimeCalculate maximum time in torpor
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