Man pages for cancerdatasci/ceres

align.dataset.marginsalign dataset margins
cluster_cnHierarchically cluster copy number data
collapse_rows_of_matrixconvert matrix to data frame
collate_ceres_resultsCollate CERES results data frame to matrix
evaluate_prediction_aucCalculate area under the curve for ROC and PR curves.
fetchPAMGet a PAM sequence
generate_guidesGeneration of the guides from a gct dep_file
guideAlignmentsRead BAM file report, filter with valid PAM sequence, report...
intersect_data_with_segmentFinds overlaps between target segments and data. Calculates...
intersect_gene_with_copy_numberGet a matrix of CN for genes
intersect_guide_with_copy_numberGet a matrix of CN for CRISPR target sites
intersect_locus_with_cn_segIntersect locus with copy number segment
make.a.tidy.datasetmake a tidy dataset
map_guide_to_locusMap guide to locus matrix to data frame
prepare_ceres_inputsCERES main routine
read.gctread a *.gct file into your session
read.gmtread a *.gmt file into your session
remove.cols.all.nasremove columns from a matrix that include any NAs
remove.cols.any.nasremove columns from a matrix that are entirely NAs
remove.rows.all.nasremove rows from a matrix that include any NAs
remove.rows.any.nasremove rows from a matrix that are entirely NAs
run_ceresCERES main routine
run_precision_recallRun precision recall assessment using essential and...
scale_to_essentialsNormalize CERES gene effects according to essential and...
wrap_ceresCERES wrapper
write.gctwrite a *.gct file to disk
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