Man pages for carlopacioni/HexSimR
an R package for post HexSim simulation analysis

calc.ssmdCalculate SSMDs given a df (or equivalent) of means and stds
census.calcCarry out calculations on a subset of variables in a specific...
census.plotPlots census means across simulated time steps
clean.genepopRemove illegal characters from HexSim generated genepop input...
collate.censusCombine together HexSim census outputs across iterations.
copy.resultsCopy 'HexSimR' results
gen.distGenetic distance
gen.plotPlot genetic distance with standard deviation bars
invasion.frontCalculate the progressive occupancy of an array of hexagons
invasion.plotPlots mean progress of invasion front
iter.foldersDetect iteration folders
listVectors2data.frameConvert a list of vectors to a data frame.
make.plotMake a plot from a list of data frames
make.tableMake a table from HexSimR results
m.gen.distMean genetic distance
moveCalculates descriptive stats from the HexSim generated report...
multi.clean.genepopRemove illegal characters from several HexSim generated...
multi.gen.distGenetic distance for multiple scenarios
multi.reportsGenerate summary statistics for multiple reports
PextProbability of extinction
prep.dataPrepare census data to generate plots
pvalCalculate p values
rangesCalculates descriptive stats from the HexSim generated report...
read.meansRead means values from output of collate.census
read.sdsRead standard deviation values from output of collate.census
report.batchWrite a .xml file to be passed to HexSim to queue 'movements'...
scenarios.batch.modifierBatch modification of scenarios
ssmd2xlsxSave SSMD results to xlsx file
SSMD.censusCompare census values against a baseline scenario.
SSMD.moveCompare mean movement distances against those of a baseline...
SSMD.rangesCompare ranges descriptive statistics against a baseline...
w.combine.log.batchWrite a .bat file to generate combined log files in batch...
w.genepop.batchWrite a .xml file to generate genepop input files in batch...
workspace.path.modifierModify the path of the workspace and grid file in all...
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