Man pages for carmencita/ChIC
Quality Control Pipeline for ChIP-Seq Data

createMetageneProfileWrapper function to create scaled and non-scaled...
getCrossCorrelationScoresQC-metrics from cross-correlation profile, phantom peak and...
getPeakCallingScoresCalculating QC-values from peak calling procedure
listAvailableElementsShows available chromatin marks and factors
metagenePlotsForComparisonFunction to create metage plots for comparison
plotReferenceDistributionFunction to create reference distribution plot for comparison
predictionScorePredict score
qualityScores_EMWrapper function to calculate QC-metrics from...
qualityScores_GMMetrics taken from global read distribution
qualityScores_LMWrapper function that plots non-scaled profiles for TSS of...
qualityScores_LMgenebodyWrapper function to plot the scaled metagene- profile and to...
readBamFileRead bam file
removeLocalTagAnomaliesRemoves loval anomalies
tagDensitySmoothed tag density
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