Man pages for cavei/cellCB
Cell City Band

additional-TCAPerform TCA based clustering
averageReplicateAverage Replicates Gene Wise
defineCellExpressionDefine Cell Expression
edgeR.allCmpOnTimeWithRUVANOVA like analysis (edgeR)
edgeR.anovaOnTimeANOVA like analysis (edgeR)
edgeR.anovaOnTimeWithRUVANOVA like analysis (edgeR) with RUV on times
gskb-handlingConvert to Gene
io-objectCollect DEGs Pvalues with LogFold Change from RData.
io-RDataLoad and extract normalized expression from RData.
log-fold-change-handlingExtract the contrasts with a given log fold change (lfc) from...
melt-list-into-tablesMelt list of tables
mergeColumnsMerge columns
my.compareClusterPerform compare cluster
my.enricherPerform enricher with a slight change
network-handlingGiven a list of ligand receptor it extracts the network
paracrine-autocrine-functionsget Cell Expression Signature
runWithParametersRpkmRun a RUV with parameters
runWithParametersTotalRpkmRun in total muscle [DEPRECATED]
RUV-handlingCreate an expression set using EDASeq function
sigTable_filter_by_clustersFilter significance table pickeing 1 term for cluster
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