Man pages for computational-metabolomics/pmp
Peak matrix processing

check_peak_matrix_orientationCheck if peak matrix is in format features in rows, samples...
filter_peaks_by_blankFilter peaks by blank
filter_peaks_by_fractionFilter features by fraction of missing values
filter_peaks_by_rsdFilter features by RSD% of QC samples
filter_samples_by_mvFilter samples by missing values
glogvariance stabilising generalised logarithm transformation
glog_transformationPerforms glog transformation on the data set, using QC...
jglogInternal glog function
mv_imputationMissing value imputation using different algorithms
normalise_to_sumNormalise peak table to the total sum of peak intensities
pqn_normalisationNormalise peak table using PQN method
remove_peaksRemove features from peak intensity matrix
SSEInternal glog function to estimate SSE
testDataTesting data set
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