Man pages for ctmm-initiative/ctmm-webapp
Web App For ctmm

add_controlAdd layer control for leaflet map
align_listsCombine multiple lists into one list by aligning each item
appStart ctmm web app
assign_distanceCalculate distance to median center for each animal location
assign_speedCalculate speed for each animal location
as_tele_listCoerce telemetry object to list
base_mapBuild a leaflet base map
collectCollect location and info 'data.table' from telemetry list
ctmmwebctmmweb: A web app package for 'ctmm'
flatten_modelsFlatten model list
get_namesExtract vector of names from 'data.table'
ggplot_customizationOverride some ggplot2 default theme settings
JS.logifyJS Functions To Logify A 'sliderInput'
multi_titleMultiple Colored Plot Title
overlap_2d_to_1dConvert overlap result 2d table to combination rows
overlap_matrix_to_dtConvert overlap result matrix to data.table
par_lapplyParallel apply function to list in all platforms
par_occurParallel calculate occurrence from telemetry and model list
par_try_modelsParallel fitting models on telemetry list
pickPick subset from telemetry object/list
pipePipe operator
plot_locPlot animal locations subset with all as background
plot_loc_facetPlot animal locations in facet
plot_timePlot animal sampling time histogram in facet
plot_udPlot a group of home ranges or occurrences
plot_varioPlot a group of empirical or modeled variograms.
point_mapBuild maps of animal locations
reportReport data summary on telemetry list
summary_tried_modelsGenerate formated model summary table from tried models...
zip_folderCompress a folder into zip
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