Man pages for dankelley/argoFloats
Analysis of Oceanographic Argo Floats

applyQCApply Quality Control Flags
argoDefaultDestdirGet Default Values
argoFloatsA Package for Processing Argo Float Profiles
argoFloats-classBase Class for argoFloats Objects
argoFloatsClearCacheClear the Cache
argoFloatsDebugPrint Debugging Information
argoFloatsGetFromCacheGet an Item From The Cache
argoFloatsIsCachedCheck Whether an Item is Cached
argoFloatsListCacheList Items in the Cache
argoFloats-methodsShow Information About argoFloats Object
argoFloatsStoreInCacheStore an Item in the Cache
argoFloatsWhenCachedCheck When an Item was Cached
D4900785_048.ncSample Argo File (Delayed Core Data)
downloadWithRetriesDownload and Cache a Dataset
getIndexGet an Index of Available Argo Float Profiles
getProfileFromUrlGet Data for an Argo Float Profile
getProfilesGet "cycles"/"trajectory" Files Named in an argoFloats Index
hexToBitsConvert Hexadecimal Digit to Integer Vector
indexA Sample Index of Profiles
indexBgcA Sample Index of Biogeochemical-Argo Profiles
indexDeepA Sample Index of Deep Argo
indexSyntheticA Sample Index of Synthetic Profiles
mapAppInteractive App For Viewing Argo Float Positions
merge-argoFloats-methodMerge argoFloats Indices
plot-argoFloats-methodPlot an argoFloats Object
plotArgoTSPlot a TS diagram for an argoFloats object
R3901602_163.ncSample Argo File (Real-Time Core Data)
readProfilesRead Argo Profiles From Local Files
SD5903586_001.ncSample Argo File (Delayed Synthetic Data)
showQCTestsShow Real-Time QC Test Results For an Argo Object
SR2902204_131.ncSample Argo File (Real-Time Synthetic Data)
subset-argoFloats-methodSubset an argoFloats Object
sub-sub-argoFloats-methodLook up a Value Within an argoFloats Object
summary-argoFloats-methodSummarize an argoFloats Object
useAdjustedSwitch [[ and Plot to Focus on Adjusted Data, if Available
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