Sample Argo File (Delayed Synthetic Data)

SD5903586_001.ncR Documentation

Sample Argo File (Delayed Synthetic Data)


This is the NetCDF file for cycle 1 of Argo float 5903586, downloaded from on 2020 June 24 (this URL appears to be unreliable). As its filename indicates, it holds "synthetic" data in "delayed" mode. The oxygen values are adjusted by 16%, as is shown here, and in the documentation for useAdjusted().

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a <- readProfiles(system.file("extdata", "", package="argoFloats"))
a1 <- a[[1]]
# Illustrate oxygen adjustment
p <- a1[["pressure"]]
O <- a1[["oxygen"]]
Oa  <- a1[["oxygenAdjusted"]]
Percent <- 100 * (Oa - O) / O
hist(Percent, main="Oxygen adjustment")

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