indexSynthetic: A Sample Index of Synthetic Profiles

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A Sample Index of Synthetic Profiles


This was created by subsetting a global index to the BGC Argo profiles that were within a 300km radius of Marsh Harbour, Abaco Island, Bahamas, using the following code.

indexAll <- getIndex("synthetic")
indexSynthetic <- subset(indexAll,
    circle=list(longitude=-77.06, latitude=26.54, radius=300))

This "synthetic" type of index is a replacement for the older "merged" index. See ⁠⁠ for more on the data file format, the reasons for the change, and the timetable for the transition from "merged".

Caveat about out-of-date index files

Note that the NetCDF files on Argo repositories are changeable, not just in content, but also in file name. For example, the data acquired in a given profile of a given float may initially be provided in real-time mode (with a file name containing an "R" as the first or second character), but later be replaced later with a delayed-mode file (with a "D" in the first or second character). Since index files name data files directly, this means that index files can become out-of-date, containing references to netcdf files that no longer exist on the server. This applies to the sample index files provided with this package, and to user files, and it explains why getProfiles() skips over files that cannot be downloaded.

See Also

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plot(indexSynthetic, bathymetry=FALSE)

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