Man pages for dipenps/rnits
R Normalization and Inference of Time Series data

build.RnitsInput the RGlist raw data, build a Rnits object and perform...
calculateGCV-methodsCalculate the optimal B-spline model using generalized...
extract-methodsreplace slot of Rnits
fit-methodsFit model on time series data
getCID-methodsCluster IDs of probes/genes from fitted 'Rnits'
getFitModel-methodsExtract fit data from 'Rnits' object
getLR-methodsGet log-ratios
getNormTwoChannel-methodsGet Normalized channel data for two channel arrays
getPval-methodsGet p-values
getStat-methodsRetrieve ratio statistics
plotResults-methodsPlot profiles of top genes/probes
Rnits-classrnits class
summarizeProbes-methodsSummarize probe level data to gene level data
summary-methodsSummary of fit
timeAlign-methodsCurve registration of time series curves
topData-methodsData of top genes/probes
yeastchemostatYeast chemostat data from Ronen and Botstein (Proc Natl Acad...
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