Man pages for diptavo/MultiSKAT
Sequence Kernel Association Tests with Multiple phenotypes

Close_SSDClose SNP set data file (SSD)
Generate_SSD_SetIDGenerate SNP set data file (SSD)
Genotype.KernelsKernelize the Genotype matrix for the region to be tested.
Get_Genotypes_SSDGet Genotype data from SSD file
minPMinimum p-value using copula
minPcomCompute the p-value for ComCop test
MultiSKATSequence kernel association test for Multiple Phenotypes
MultiSKAT.example.dataExample data for MultiSKAT
MultiSKAT.Kinship.example.dataExample data for MultiSKAT with related samples
MultiSKAT_NULLConstruct and get parameters and residuals from the null...
MultiSKAT_NULL_KinsConstruct the null MultiSKAT model with kinship adjustment
Open_SSDOpen SNP set data file (SSD)
Read_Plink_FAMRead Plink FAM and covariates files
Read_SNP_WeightFileRead a file with custom weights
resampling.pvaluesGet null resampling p-values
WSSWeighted Sum of Squares
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