N.annamensis: Example survey data

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Data from 2010 survey of Nomascus annamensis, Veun Sai Reserve, NW Cambodia.




The following objects are provided:

N.annamensis.region an imported GIS polygon for the survey region (class gshp)
N.annamensis.habitat artificial polygon containing habitat data (class gshp)
N.annamensis.capthist survey data -- detections and estimated bearings (class gcapthist)
N.annamensis.mask a mask object (class gmask)
N.annamensis.fit a fitted model (class gsecr)


Survey data were provided by Dr Ben Rawson, IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group, Southeast Asia/Indochina.


Thinh, V.N., Mootnick, A.R., Thanh, V.N., & Roos, C. 2010. A new species of crested gibbon, from the central Annamite mountain range. Vietnamese Journal of Primatology, 1(4):112.

Kidney D., Rawson B.M., Borchers D.L., Stevenson B.C., Marques T.A., & Thomas L. 2016. An Efficient Acoustic Density Estimation Method with Human Detectors Applied to Gibbons in Cambodia. PLoS ONE 11(5): e0155066.

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