classes: gibbonsecr object classes

Description gcapthist gmask gshp gsecr


Object classes returned from gibbonsecr functions.


Returned from import_data and based on the capthist class from the secr package. gcapthist objects are always multi-session and each capthist element has bearings and/or distances attributes which are equal in dimension to the recapture data and contain the estimated bearings/distances (if these data are not present then these attributes are set to NULL). Covariates derived from the input survey data are stored within the gcapthist objects as additional attributes.


Returned from make_mask and based on the mask class from the secr package. gmask objects are always multi-session "trapbuffer" masks and have buffer and spacing attributes.


Returned from import_shp. gshp objects are lists with two elements: sp which contains an object of class sp, fortify which contains an object returned from the fortify.sp function from the ggplot2 package, applied to the sp object (this is used by the geom_shp function).


Returned from gfit. gsecr objectscontain information on the model fit such as paramter estimates.

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