Man pages for dongzhuoer/rexseek
Matrix Processing in the exSeek Project

cv_funcalculate coefficient of variance
filter_lowfilter genes with low expression values
get_y_rangeget y axis range of ggplot object.
norm_cpmCPM normalization
norm_cpm_implCPM normalization by some genes
norm_scaterTMM/RLE normalization by scater package
norm_SCnormSCnorm normalization
plot_groupplot PCA, TSNE
plot_group_implworkhorse of 'plot_PCA/TSNE()'
plot_highest_exprsPlot highest expressed genes
plot_varianceplot variance of counts across samples
read_matRead counts matrix
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
seq_ygenerate equally spaced y coordinates, not hit bottom nor...
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