Man pages for drknexus/repsych
Package for reproducible psychological research

aggregateErrorTermsCalculate the aggregated error term from an aov object
aspectSolve right-triangles systems involving (monitor) aspect...
aspell_add_wordAdd a word to the end of an aspell dictionary
bmp.saveSave current plot as a bmp
centerCenter a variable
conv2Dto3DCalculate a real world position of a projected object
conv3Dto2DCalculate the projection position of a real world object
convertIDConvert Excel Column ID
counterbalanceGet a set of minimially replicated sequences
degreesConvert radians to degrees
dfEffectsDegrees of Freedom and Effects
dist3DCalculate the distance between two 3D points
EBR.Table.18.25Essentials of Behavioral Research: Methods and Data Analysis,...
effectTermsExtract the main effects and interactions from an aov object
errorTermRatiosCalculate the ratio of error terms from an aov object
errorTermsExtract the error terms from an aov object
examples213Examples for Psych 213 taught at University of California,...
factoryCatch errors and warnings and store them for subsequent...
fft.binFreqsReport the frequencies of the the bins in an FFT
fft.binNFind the number of FFT bins
fft.binSizeFind the size of an FFT bin
glibraryTry to load a library, if that fails, install it, then load...
in2mConvert inches to meters
jpeg.saveSave current plot as a jpeg
km2miConvert kilometers to miles
latexFigureInsert a figure in LaTex
latex.pFormat a p-value for LaTex
latinSquareCyclicCreate a cyclic latin square
latinSquareDigramCreate a digram-balanced latin square
lawOfCosUse the law of sines Use the law of cosines to calculate an...
longframeTransform a wide dataset into a long dataset.
LScoreCalculate an L score
m2inConvert meters to inches
MADCalculate the median absolute deviation (MAD)
makewaveMake wave
MEANS.STD.CORRWrite out the variables from X in a MPLUS MEANS STD CORR...
mi2kmConvert miles to kilometers
MSECalculate the mean squared error
notinNot in
popscalePopulation scale/Z scores
popsdCalculate the population standard deviation of x Usage...
pythagCalculate the pythagorean theorem to solve for A, B, or C
r2tConvert r to a t
radiansConvert degrees to radians
rCounternullCalcualte the counter null of a correlation coefficient
repsych-defunctDefunct function(s) in the repsych package
repsych-deprecatedDeprecated function(s) in the repsych package
repsych-packagerussmisc-package placeholder
rScoreCalculate an r score
SSECalculate the sum of squared errors
stimsizeCalculate a stimulus size given a visual angle and viewing...
t2rConvert t to a r
table.pngPrint LaTex Table Direction to an Image
tContrastConduct a t-contrast
trimvalTrim values Usage trimval(x, tr=.2, na.rm=TRUE)
unfactorUnfactor a vector
uniquePermutationsCreate a unique set of permutations
updateTexUpdate a .tex file from .rnw file if needed
useAggregateErrorTermsCalculate new F and p-values using an aggregated error term...
viewdistCalculate a viewing distance given a visual angle and...
visangleCalculate visual angle given a stimulus size and viewing...
visangle3DCalculate visual angle given a 3D viewer position, stimulus...
visangle3D.lHelper function for visangle3D to handle lists
vlookupVectorized lookup
widenamesGenerate Names for a Wide Stuctured Dataset
winvarCalculate the winsorized variance of x Usage winvar(x, tr=.2,...
ZmodifiedCalculate the Iglewicz and Hoaglin (1993) Z modified
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