Man pages for duncantl/Rtesseract
Interface to the tesseract OCR system

bboxToDFUtility Function for Manipulating Bounding Box Collection
compareWordCompares OCR words to truth
deskewAlign and Orient an Image
enumsTesseract Enums
GetCharWidthUtlities for Computing Typical Character Height and Width on...
GetConfidenceColorsGet Colors for Displaying Confidence of OCR
GetImageInfoGet Information about the Current Tesseract Image
getLinesFind and Determine Vertical and Horizontal Line Segments in...
GetSmudgesAn Approach to Identifying Irrelevant Noisy Elements on the...
GetTextQuery the Current OCR Result to Get Text, Bounding Boxes,...
IFF_PNGFile Format Symbolic Constants
lapplyMethod for Iterating over a ResultIterator
leptonicaImageFormatsQuery the Supported Image Formats
leptonicaVersionInformation about the Leptonica Version and Image Format...
Old/ocrPerform OCR on an image
Old/tesseractFunsSet and Query the Tesseract Object
opaqueClasssesOpaque Classes for Rtesseract
PageIteratorLevelR version of the enumerated constants for the...
PageIteratorLevel-classClass '"PageIteratorLevel"'
pixAddGrayPix Operations
pixAndLogical Operators for pairs of Pix Objects
pixGetPixelsGet and Set the Pixels in a Pix Object
pixReadRead an Image for use with Tesseract
pixRotateRotate or Transpose a Pix Image
pixThresholdToBinaryThreshold the Pixels in a Pix Image
plotPlot the results of an OCR
plot.BoundingBoxPlot function for a Bounding Box
plotSubsetsPlot a collection of individual a Bounding Boxes
PrintVariablesQuery or Set Tesseract Variables
readBoxFileRead a box file generated by tesseract
ReadConfigFileRead a Tesseract Variable Configuration File
SetInputNameLoad an Image into the Tesseract Instance
SetOutputNameSet the Output Name for Any Content Written by Tesseract
SetPageSegModeSet and Query the Page Segmentation Mode for Tesseract...
SetRectangleFocus the OCR on a Sub-Region of the Image
SetSourceResolutionSet and Get the Pixels Per Inch Resolution for a Tesseract...
tesseractCreating a Tesseract Object
tesseractCleanupCleanup Aspects of a Tesseract Object
tesseractQueryStateQuery the State of a Tesseract Object
tesseractVersionGet the version information of the tesseract library
toPDFWrite Tesseract Results to Various Formats
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