Man pages for eilslabs/circlize
Circular Visualization

add_transparencyAdd transparency to colors
adjacencyList2MatrixConvert adjacency list to adjacency matrix
CELL_METAEasy to way to get meta data in the current cell
chordDiagramPlot Chord Diagram
chordDiagramFromDataFramePlot Chord Diagram from a data frame
chordDiagramFromMatrixPlot Chord Diagram from an adjacency matrix
circlizeConvert to polar coordinate system
circlize-packageCircular visualization in R
circos.axisDraw x-axis
circos.clearReset the circular layout parameters
circos.dendrogramAdd circular dendrograms
circos.genomicDensityCalculate and add genomic density track
circos.genomicHeatmapAdd heatmaps for selected regions
circos.genomicIdeogramAdd an ideogram track
circos.genomicInitializeInitialize circular plot with any genomic data
circos.genomicLabelsAdd labels to specified genomic regions
circos.genomicLinesAdd lines to a plotting region, specifically for genomic...
circos.genomicLinkAdd links from two sets of genomic positions
circos.genomicPointsAdd points to a plotting region, specifically for genomic...
circos.genomicPosTransformLinesAdd genomic position transformation lines between tracks
circos.genomicRainfallGenomic rainfall plot
circos.genomicRectDraw rectangle-like grid, specifically for genomic graphics
circos.genomicTextDraw text in a cell, specifically for genomic graphics
circos.genomicTrackCreate a track for genomic graphics
circos.genomicTrackPlotRegionCreate a track for genomic graphics
circos.infoGet information of the circular plot
circos.initializeInitialize the circular layout
circos.initializeWithIdeogramInitialize the circular layout with an ideogram
circos.linesAdd lines to the plotting region
circos.linkDraw links between points or/and intervals
circos.nestedNested zooming with two circular plots
circos.parParameters for the circular layout
circos.pointsAdd points to a plotting region
circos.polygonDraw polygon
circos.rectDraw rectangle-like grid
circos.segmentsDraw segments through pairwise of points
circos.textDraw text in a cell
circos.trackCreate plotting regions for a whole track
circos.trackHistDraw histogram in cells among a whole track
circos.trackLinesAdd lines to the plotting regions in a same track
circos.trackPlotRegionCreate plotting regions for a whole track
circos.trackPointsAdd points to the plotting regions in a same track
circos.trackTextDraw text in cells among the whole track
circos.updateCreate plotting regions for a whole track
circos.updatePlotRegionUpdate the plotting region in an existed cell
circos.xaxisDraw x-axis
circos.yaxisDraw y-axis
col2valueTransform back from colors to values
colorRamp2Color interpolation
convert_heightConvert units
convert_lengthConvert units
convert_xConvert unit on x direction in data coordinate
convert_yConvert unit on y direction in data coordinate
cytoband.colAssign colors to cytogenetic band (hg19) according to the...
degreeMark the value as a degree value
draw.sectorDraw sectors or rings in a circle
generateRandomBedGenerate random genomic data
genomicDensityCalculate genomic region density
get.all.sector.indexGet index for all sectors
get.all.track.indexGet index for all tracks
get.cell.meta.dataGet the meta data of a cell
get.current.chromosomeGet current chromosome name
get.current.sector.indexGet current sector index
get.current.track.indexGet current track index
getIWhich data that '' is using
highlight.chromosomeHighlight chromosomes
highlight.sectorHighlight sectors and tracks
posTransform.defaultGenomic position transformation function
posTransform.textGenomic position transformation function specifically for...
rainfallTransformCalculate inter-distance of genomic regions
rand_colorGenerate random colors
read.chromInfoRead/parse chromInfo data from a data frame/file/UCSC...
read.cytobandRead/parse cytoband data from a data frame/file/UCSC database
reverse.circlizeConvert to data coordinate system
show.indexLabel the sector index and the track index on each cell
smartAlignAdjust positions of text
Subset.CELL_METAEasy to way to get meta data in the current cell
uhConvert units
uxConvert unit on x direction in data coordinate
uyConvert unit on y direction in data coordinate
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