Defines functions genRandomPar

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#' Generator function for initial values in Rogers and Castro models
#' Generate 7, 9, 11 and 13 random values for Roger and Castro migration models
#' @param a1 First level parameter.
#' @param a2 Second level parameter.
#' @param a3 Third first level parameter.
#' @param c Fourth level parameter or constant.
#' @param alpha_1 first profile parameter: rate of descent of prelabour force component.
#' @param mu2 First position parameter: mean age at highest peak.
#' @param alpha_2 third profile parameter: rate of ascent of labour force component.
#' @param lambda_2 third profile parameter: rate of descent of labour force component.
#' @param mu_3 Second position parameter: age at retiremen peak.
#' @param alpha_3 third profile parameter: rate of ascent of post-labour force component.
#' @param lambda_3 third profile parameter: rate of descent of post-labour force component.
#' @param ... Aditional argumemnts given to function
#' @return A list with random values for parameters
#' @examples
#' genRandomPar(7)
#' genRandomPar(11)

genRandomPar <- function(profile = "seven",  ...){
  param1 <- list(a1=c(0,0.9),alpha1=c(0,0.9), a2=c(0,0.9)
                , alpha2=c(0,0.9), mu2=c(1,90), lambda2=c(0,0.9)
                , a3=c(0,0.9), alpha3=c(0,0.9), mu3=c(1,90), lambda3=c(0,0.9)
                ,a4=c(0,0.9), lambda4=c(0,0.9)
  param2 <- list()
  param <- c(param1[setdiff(names(param1), names(param2))]

  #primera exponencial
  a1 <- runif(1, param$a1[1], param$a1[2])
  alpha1 <- runif(1,param$alpha1[1], param$alpha1[2])

  #segunda exponencial
  a2 <- runif(1, param$a2[1], param$a2[2])
  alpha2 <- runif(1, param$alpha2[1], param$alpha2[2])
  mu2 <- floor(runif(1, param$mu2[1], param$mu2[2])) #customize for user
  lambda2 <- runif(1, param$lambda2[1], param$lambda2[2])

  #tercera exponencial
  a3 <- runif(1, param$a3[1], param$a3[2])
  alpha3 <- runif(1, param$alpha3[1], param$alpha3[2])
  mu3 <- floor(runif(1,   param$mu3[1],   param$mu3[2]))  #customize for user
  lambda3 <- runif(1, param$lambda3[1], param$lambda3[2])
  a4 <- runif(1, param$a4[1], param$a4[2])
  lambda4 <- runif(1, param$lambda4[1], param$lambda4[2])
  c1 <- runif(1,0, 0.999999)

  parameters_0 <- list(a1=a1,alpha1=alpha1

       seven= parameters_0[c(1:6,13)]
       ,nine= parameters_0[c(1:7,9,13)]
       ,eleven =parameters_0[c(1:10,13)]
      , thirteen = parameters_0[])
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