Man pages for faulknerjam/bnps
Shrinkage-Prior Markov Random Field Smoothing

boomBust_trajBoom-bust trajectory
bottleNeck_trajBottleneck trajectory
coalCoal Mine Disaster Data
coaltimeSimSimulate from inhomogeneous, heterochronous coalescent.
coaltimeSimGPSimulate from inhomogeneous, heterochronous coalescent driven...
extract_thetaExtract latent process parameters and associated Bayesian...
get_initGenerate function for initial parameter values
get_modelGenerate model code for passage to stan
hcvHepatitis C Coalescent Data
make_coalescent_dataMake data list for coalescent data
makeGridMake grid for coalescent data
munichMunich Rental Data
piecewiseExp_trajPiecewise-exponential trajectory
plot_tracePlot traces of posterior draws of a parameter
plot_trendPlot estimated trend and credible intervals
rainTokyo Rainfall Data
set_zetaCalculate a value for the hyperparameter on the global...
set_zeta_phyloSet zeta hyperparameter for coalescent data
skyLineClassic Skyline Estimates
spmrfFit Bayesian nonparametric adaptive smoothing model
varRefCalculate reference marginal variance of field parameters
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