Man pages for fischuu/GenomicTools
Collection of Tools for Genomic Data Analysis

annotTrackExample Annotation Track
eQTLPerform an eQTL Analysis
geneEXPSimulated Expression Data
GenomicTools-packageLoose Collection of Expression and Genotype Analysis Tools,...
genotDataSimulated Genotype Data
getKEGGOrganismsGet a list of organisms in the KEGG database
getKEGGPathwayGet a list of genes in a specific KEGG pathway.
getKEGGPathwayImageGet a visualization of a specific KEGG pathway.
getKEGGPathwayOverviewGet a list of pathways in a specific organism.
getRSLocationGet the location of an SNP.
gtfToBedExtract the Chromosomal Information Required in bed Format...
importGFF3Import a GFF3 File
importGTFImport a GTF File
importPEDImport a Ped/Map filepair.
importSTARLogImport a log-file from the STAR mapper.
importVCFImport a vcf file.
mdrPerform a MDR.
mdrEnsembleEnsemble Classification Using an Existing MDR Object
mdrExampleExample Data for MDR
phenoDataSimulated Phenotype Data
plot.eqtlPlot an eqtl Object
plot.mdrPlot an MDR Object
plot.qtlResPlot an qtlRes Object
prereadGTFPre-read a GTF file.
print.eqtlPrint an eqtl Object
print.mdrPrint an mdr Object
QTLPerform a QTL Analysis
recodeDataRecode a Genotype Data Matrix.
summary.eqtlSummarize an eqtl Object
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