Streamlined analysis package for omics-data

This package consists of modularized wrapper functions for multiple genomics analysis packages. It is designed for multi-omics analysis of expression, methylation and/or genotyping data. All modules can be used individually.

See the package Vignette (version without external figures) for documentation of the package and example analyses. The full version of the vignette is available by calling vignette("systemsbio") as soon as the package is installed. A flow chart of the package content is given here.


  1. Install (if you haven't already) the devtools package via CRAN:

    install.packages(c("devtools", "rstudioapi"))
  2. Install systemsbio from GitHub via devtools:

    devtools::install_github("frankRuehle/systemsbio", build_vignettes=TRUE)

First steps

Start by loading the systemsbio package and read the package vignette.



Frank Ruehle

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