theme: Theme R manual pages with roxygen2

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Theme R manual pages with roxygen2


The @theme tag allows adding CSS and JS files to the HTML version of the manual pages.

To support @theme, you need to use the roxygenlabs_rd roclet. E.g. add this to DESCRIPTION:

Roxygen: { library(roxygenlabs); list(markdown = TRUE,
    roclets = c("collate", "namespace", "roxygenlabs_rd")) }

and then use the @theme tag to add CSS/JS files to all manual pages. Multiple file names can be specicified in a single @theme tag, and file names are relative to the inst/doc directory, within the package:

#' @theme assets/extra.css assets/rd.js

See the assets/extra.css and assets/rd.js files, included in the package, for an example CSS/JS theme that has the following changes compared to plain Rd documentation:

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