Man pages for gavinsimpson/ggvegan
'ggplot2' Plots for the 'vegan' Package

arrowMulScale Vectors to Data
autoplot.anosimggplot-based plot for objects of class '"anosim"'
autoplot.ccaggplot-based plot for objects of class '"cca"'
autoplot.decoranaggplot-based plot for objects of class '"decorana"'
autoplot.envfitggplot-based plot for 'envfit' objects
autoplot.fisherfitPlot Fisher's log-series
autoplot.isomapggplot-based plot for objects of class '"isomap"'
autoplot.metaMDSggplot-based plot for objects of class '"metaMDS"'
autoplot.poolaccumggplot-based plot for objects of class '"poolaccum"'
autoplot.prcggplot-based plot for objects of class '"prc"'
autoplot.prestonfitPlot Preston's log-normal model of species abundance
autoplot.rdaggplot-based plot for objects of class "rda"
fortify.anosimFortify analysis of similarities (ANOSIM) results
fortify.ccaFortify a '"cca"' object.
fortify.decoranaFortify a '"decorana"' object.
fortify.envfitFortify method for 'envfit' objects
fortify.fisherfitTidied species rank abundance data and estimated Fisher's...
fortify.isomapFortify isometric feature mapping results
fortify.metaMDSFortify a '"mataMDS"' object.
fortify.poolaccumFortify extrapolated species richness of a species pool
fortify.prcFortify a '"prc"' object
fortify.prestonfitTidied species octave abundance data
getDimensionNamesExtract the names of the dimensions to plot as a character...
label_funAdds a label layer using one of a set of common geoms
scoresLengthNumber of scores
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