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Statistical Microarray Analysis

id2imageConverting an id tag to a Set of Image Coordinates and Vice...
init.addinfoAdding Information to a Data Structure for Multi-slide...
init.ctl.indexGenerates co-ordinates of spots.
init.dataCreating a Data Structure for Multi-slide Microarray...
init.gridInitialization of Grid Parameters
init.namesSet and Read the Names of Experimental Data. the Output of the Computed Statistics
is.oddDetermining if a Value is Odd or Even
MouseArrayMouse Gene Expression Data from cDNA microarray
naBasic Statistical Functions for Handling Missing Values
plot.bayesianPlots lodscore vs effect estimate (the output of...
plot.confband.linesAdding Lines Satisfying a Confidence Criterion to the Current...
plot.confband.pointsHighlights a Set of Points on the Current M vs A Plot
plot.confband.textAdd Selected Text to an M vs A Plot
plot.corRed and Green Color Image of Correlation Matrix
plot.matRed and Green Color Image of Data Matrix
plot.mvaM vs. A Plot
plot.print.tip.lowessM vs. A Plot with print tip lowess lines
plot.qqHistogram and Normal Quantile-Quantile plot
plot.qqlineAdd Line Going Through the Quantiles of a Q-Q Plot
plot.scale.boxBox plots for microarray
plot.single.slideM vs. A Plot
plot.smooth.lineAdding Lowess Lines to Current Plot
plot.spatialSpatial Representation of Microarray Spot Statistics
plot.svbPlot of Signal vs. Background
plot.t2Diagnostic Plots for Two-Sample t-statistics
read.genepixReading in Data Generated by the Image Analysis Package...
read.spotReading in Data Generated by the Image Analysis Package Spot
rgcolors.funcRed and Green Color Specification
sma-internalInternal sma functions
stat.bayesianCalculates an Odds Ratio of Each Gene in a Multi-slide...
stat.bay.estCalculates an Odds Ratio for Each Gene in a Multi-slide...
stat.bwssBetween and Within Group Sum of Squares Calculation
stat.ChenApply Chen's single slide method
stat.ChurSapApply Sapir and Churchills single slide method
stat.diag.daDiagonal Discriminant Analysis
stat.gnamesSort Genes According to the Value of a Statistic
stat.maCalculation of log Intensity Ratios and Average log...
stat.NewtonApply Newtons single slide method
stat.norm.expNormalization of log Intensity Ratios across slides /...
stat.t2Two-sample t-statistics
write.spotWriting in Data Generated by the Image Analysis Package Spot
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