cDriver R package for finding candidate driver genes in cancers. To be able to use cDriver, user must have installation of R programing language.

Current version is a Beta version. We will regularly improve this package based on a users comments.

The manuscript for cDriver is published at Scientific Reports and can be downloaded from:

Installation from R





# And now is read to use!

Installation from Command line (terminal)

curl -L > cDriver.tar.gz

R CMD INSTALL cDriver.tar.gz

# cDriver package should be installed now.


Click at this link and download cDriver package. Then you rename it as cDriver.tar.gz and you can install it from Shell as mentioned before:

R CMD INSTALL cDriver.tar.gz


Go to this link, what is another github repository. There you can download wrapper for cDriver to run analysis from command line wihout any programing knowledge.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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