Man pages for hanasusak/cDriver
Find best driver candidate genes

all.genes.lengthsCoding genes length by Ensamble, length is calculated as sum...
bayes.driverBayesina risk inference model.
bayes.riskBayesina risk inference model.
bcgrBackground mutation rate calculated based on the observed...
bcgr.combineCombining two somatic background mutation probability values...
bcgr.lawrenceBackground mutation rate based on Lawrence's background...
boxplotCCF.mutationsPlot boxplot of mutations for top genes.
boxplotCCF.patientsPlot boxplot of patients mutations CCF's for top genes.
CCFCalculation of Cancer Cell Fraction (CCF) for SNVs from...
combine.rankingCombining mulitple methods for ranking genes.
cutoff.driverCalculation of suggested cut off for bayesian risk model
cutoff.riskCalculation of suggested cut off for bayesian risk model
driver.genes.concensusVector of genes which are considered as common cancer...
lawrence.dfLawrence's paper information
length.genesGenes length by NCBI, length which was covered by sequencing,
plotMutChangePlot mutations pattern frequncies.
plotSamplesMutPlot mutations per sample distribution.
plotStaircasePlot heatmap for genes-sample pairs .
sample.genes.mutectCLL MAF like file
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