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Convert an S object to HTML


html is a generic function, for which only two methods are currently implemented, html.latex and a rudimentary The former uses the HeVeA LaTeX to HTML translator by Maranget to create an HTML file from a LaTeX file like the one produced by latex. html.default just runs htmlVerbatim prints all of its arguments to the console in an html verbatim environment, using a specified percent of the prevailing character size. This is useful for R Markdown with knitr.

Most of the html-producing functions in the Hmisc and rms packages return a character vector passed through htmltools::HTML so that kintr will correctly format the result without the need for the user putting results='asis' in the chunk header.


html(object, ...)
## S3 method for class 'latex'
html(object, file, where=c('cwd', 'tmp'),
  method=c('hevea', 'htlatex'),
  rmarkdown=FALSE, cleanup=TRUE, ...)
## S3 method for class 'data.frame'
  file=paste(first.word(deparse(substitute(object))),'html',sep='.'), header,
     caption=NULL, rownames=FALSE, align='r', align.header='c',
     bold.header=TRUE, col.header='Black',
     border=2, width=NULL, size=100, translate=FALSE,
     append=FALSE, link=NULL, linkCol=1,
     linkType=c('href','name'), disableq=FALSE, ...) 
## Default S3 method:
     append=FALSE, link=NULL, linkCol=1, linkType=c('href','name'), ...)
htmlVerbatim(..., size=75, width=85, scroll=FALSE, rows=10, cols=100,
             propts=NULL, omit1b=FALSE)



a data frame or an object created by latex. For the generic html is any object for which an html method exists.


name of the file to create. The default file name is object.html where object is the first word in the name of the argument for object. For html.latex specify file='' or file=character(0) to print html code to the console, as when using knitr. For the data.frame method, file may be set to FALSE which causes a character vector enclosed in htmltools::HTML to be returned instead of writing to the console.


for html. Default is to put output files in current working directory. Specify where='tmp' to put in a system temporary directory area.


default is to use system command hevea to convert from LaTeX to html. Specifymethod='htlatex' to use system command htlatex, assuming the system package TeX4ht is installed.


set to TRUE if using RMarkdown (usually under knitr and RStudio). This causes html to be packaged for RMarkdown and output to go into the console stream. file is ignored when rmarkdown=TRUE.


if using method='htlatex' set to FALSE if where='cwd' to prevent deletion of auxiliary files created by htlatex that are not needed when using the final html document (only the .css file is needed in addition to .html). If using method='hevea', cleanup=TRUE causes deletion of the generated .haux file.


vector of column names. Defaults to names in object. Set to NULL to suppress column names.


a character string to be used as a caption before the table


set to FALSE to ignore row names even if they are present


alignment for table columns (all are assumed to have the same if is a scalar). Specify "c", "r", "l" for center, right, or left alignment.


same coding as for align but pertains to header


set to FALSE to not bold face column headers


color for column headers


set to 0 to not include table cell borders, 1 to include only outer borders, or 2 (the default) to put borders around cells too


set to TRUE to run header and table cell text through the htmlTranslate function


optional table width for For full page width use width="100%", for use in options() for printing objects.


a number between 0 and 100 representing the percent of the prevailing character size to be used by htmlVerbatim and the data frame method.


set to TRUE to append to an existing file


character vector specifying hyperlink names to attach to selected elements of the matrix or data frame. No hyperlinks are used if link is omitted or for elements of link that are "". To allow multiple links per link, link may also be a character matrix shaped as object in which case linkCol is ignored.


column number of object to which hyperlinks are attached. Defaults to first column.


defaults to "href"


set to TRUE to add code to the html table tag that makes Quarto not use its usual table style


ignored except for htmlVerbatim - is a list of objects to print()


set to TRUE to put the html in a scrollable textarea

rows, cols

the number of rows and columns to devote to the visable part of the scrollable box


options, besides quote=FALSE to pass to the print method, for htmlVerbatim


for htmlVerbatim if TRUE causes an initial and a final line of output that is all blank to be deleted


Frank E. Harrell, Jr.
Department of Biostatistics,
Vanderbilt University,


Maranget, Luc. HeVeA: a LaTeX to HTML translater. URL:

See Also



## Not run: 
x <- matrix(1:6, nrow=2, dimnames=list(c('a','b'),c('c','d','e')))
w <- latex(x)
h <- html(w) # run HeVeA to convert .tex to .html
h <- html(x) # convert x directly to html
w <- html(x, link=c('','B'))   # hyperlink first row first col to B

# Assuming system package tex4ht is installed, easily convert advanced
# LaTeX tables to html
s <- summaryM(bili + albumin + stage + protime + sex + age + spiders ~ drug,
              data=pbc, test=TRUE)
w <- latex(s, npct='slash', file='s.tex')
z <- html(w)

d <- describe(pbc)
w <- latex(d, file='d.tex')
z <- html(w)

## End(Not run)

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