Man pages for heavywatal/rtumopp
R interface to tumopp, a tumor growth simulator in C++

branch-lengthCalculate genetic distance with igraph
coordUtilities for coordinate values
demographyFunctions for event history
driversFunctions to deal with driver mutations
graphFunctions depending on igraph
heterogeneityEvaluate heterogeneity
hexTransform coordinates into hexagonal grid
layoutLayout cell genealogy
morphologyExtract surface cells with mathematical morphology
msSprinkle mutations on genealogy
plotggplot for frequency spectrum
plot-biopsyPlot capture_rate ~ nsam of biopsy
plot-igraphPlot genealogy
plot-rgl3D plotting with rgl
plot-sectionPlot serial sections of 3D tumor
populationFunctions to modify population data.frame
readRead TSV files in given directories
sampleSample cells from a population
sample-combnSample cells from a population
summarizeSummarizing functions
tumoppRun tumopp
tumopp-packagetumopp: R interface to tumopp, a tumor growth simulator in...
vafUtilities for variant allele frequency
writeUtilities for writing files
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