Man pages for heavywatal/tumorr
R interface of tumopp, a tumor growth simulator in C++

coordUtilities for coordinate values
demographyExtract demography from raw population data
frequencyCalculate MATH (mutant-allele tumor heterogeneity) score from...
graphFunctions depending on igraph
hexTransform coordinates into hexagonal grid
morphologyExtract surface cells with mathematical morphology
msSprinkle mutations on genealogy
plotggplot for frequency spectrum
plot-biopsyPlot capture_rate ~ nsam of biopsy
plot-igraphPlot genealogy
plot-rglplot tumor in 3d with rgl
plot-sectionPlot serial sections of 3D tumor
populationModify population table
rcpprunRun C++ simulation
readRead config files
sampleSample cells from a population
sample-combnSample cells from a population
summarizeSummary statistics of genealogy
tumoppR interface to tumopp, tumor growth simulator in C++
vafUtilities for variant allele frequency
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