Man pages for hzambran/hydroPSO
Particle Swarm Optimisation, with Focus on Environmental Models

hydromodhydromod - Definition and execution of the model to be...
hydroPSOEnhanced Particle Swarm Optimisation algorithm
hydroPSO2pestExport hydroPSO input files to PEST
hydroPSO-internalInternal hydroPSO objects
hydroPSO-packageA flexible and model-independent Particle Swarm Optimisation...
lhoatLatin-Hypercube One-factor-At-a-Time
params2ecdfParameter Values -> Empirical CDFs
pest2hydroPSOImport PEST input files to hydroPSO
plot_NparOFN 2-dimensional plots of Parameter Values against the...
plot_ParamsPerIterPlot Parameter Values against the Iteration Number
quant2ecdfSimulated Values -> Empirical CDFs
read_bestReading the 'BestParameterSet.txt' output file
ReadPlot_convergenceReading/Plotting the values of different parameter sets
ReadPlot_outReading/Plotting the 'Model_out.txt' output file of hydroPSO
ReadPlot_paramsReading/Plotting the values of different parameter sets
ReadPlot_particlesReading/Plotting the 'Particles.txt' output file
ReadPlot_resultsReading/Plotting all the output files generated by 'hydroPSO'
test_functionsTest Functions for Global Optimisation
wquantileWeighted Quantiles
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