reexports: Objects exported from other packages



These objects are imported from other packages. Follow the links below to see their documentation.


AddMetaData, Assays, Cells, CellsByIdentities, Command, CreateAssayObject, CreateDimReducObject, CreateSeuratObject, DefaultAssay, DefaultAssay<-, Distances, Embeddings, FetchData, GetAssayData, GetImage, GetTissueCoordinates, HVFInfo, Idents, Idents<-, Images, Index, Index<-, Indices, IsGlobal, JS, JS<-, Key, Key<-, Loadings, Loadings<-, LogSeuratCommand, Misc, Misc<-, Neighbors, Project, Project<-, Radius, Reductions, RenameCells, RenameIdents, ReorderIdent, RowMergeSparseMatrices, SVFInfo, SetAssayData, SetIdent, SpatiallyVariableFeatures, StashIdent, Stdev, Tool, Tool<-, UpdateSeuratObject, VariableFeatures, VariableFeatures<-, WhichCells, as.Graph, as.Neighbor, as.Seurat, as.sparse

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