Man pages for isglobal-brge/SNPassoc
SNPs-based whole genome association studies

associationAssociation analysis between a single SNP and a given...
BonferroniSigBonferroni correction of p values
dscoreExact distribution of a genetic score
GenomicControlPopulation substructure
getGeneSymbolGet gene symbol from a list of SNPs
getLocusInfoGet info from snpStats objects to be passed to Locus Zoom
getSignificantSNPsExtract significant SNPs from an object of class...
haplointeractionHaplotype interaction with a covariate
HapMapSNPs from HapMap project
inheritanceCollapsing (or recoding) genotypes into different categories...
intIdentify interaction term
interactionPvalTwo-dimensional SNP analysis for association studies
intervalsPrint ORs and 95% confidence intervals for an object of class...
isMonomorphicCheck whether a SNP is Monomorphic
LDmax-statistic for a 2x3 table
makegenoCreate a group of locus objects from some SNPs, assign to...
maxstatmax-statistic for a 2x3 table
oddsExtract odds ratios, 95% CI and pvalues
permTestPermutation test analysis
plotMissingPlot of missing genotypes
plotWGassociationFunction to plot -log p values from an object of class...
qqpvalFunctions for inspecting population substructure
relatedGet related samples
scanWGassociationWhole genome association analysis
setupSNPConvert columns in a dataframe to class 'snp'
snpSNP object
SNPassoc-internalInternal SNPstat functions
SNPsSNPs in a case-control study
sortSNPsSort a vector of SNPs by genomic position
tableHWETest for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
TablemeanseDescriptive sample size, mean, and standard error
TableNPerDescriptive sample size and percentage
WGassociationWhole genome association analysis
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