slurp: Read a file's lines in as vector

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Essentially a convenience wrapper around readLines. Reads a file's lines into a string vector. Can skip comments if specify a comment string, and drops header line if told to.


slurp(file, commentString = NULL, skipLines = 0)



The file to read


If specified, any line beginning with this comment string will be dropped (leading whitespace is ignored). This is parsed as a regualr expression, but that shouldn't be a problem for most normal line comment strings ("#", "##", "//", ";"), leading whitespace is ignored. If null or empty, will be ignored.


If specified, skip this many lines at the start of the file. This will be done after comments are filtered, so don't skip headers if they are also comments.


The files content as a string vector, one element per line, including empty lines as empty strings, but excluding filtered lines. If no lines are left after dropping comments and skipping the headers, will return character(0)


Skipping more lines, skip, than lines to skip, lines.

There are fewer lines left (after skipping comments) than you asked to skip. Will return character(0) to indicate no kept lines/strings.

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