Man pages for jefferys/SamSeq
Work with aligned reads from a SAM file

areTagsParsedAre sam tags parsed
countAllReadsRead statistics
pairedEndReadTestsPaired-end read tests
pairedReadsFilter paired or unpaired reads
parseSamHeaderLinesParse strings as sam file header lines
parseSamReadLinesParse Sam file read lines
parseSamReadTagsParse the optional sam read tags into a data frame
readTestsRead tests
SamCreate a sam (sequence alignment/map) object.
SamFileFormatExceptionSam format exceptions
samFlagsWork with the sam flags field
SamHeaderReturn a SamHeader object
samReadCountCount reads meeting filter criteria
samReadFilterFilter a Sam object
samReadMatchIdentify reads matching an applied filter.
SamReadsReturn a SamReads object
SamSeqWork with aligned reads from a SAM file
SamSourceCreate or retrieve 'SamSource' objects.
samSourceHostSamSource host data accessor
samSourceNameSamSource name data accessor
samSourceTypeSamSource data type accessor
testSamFlagsTest if sam flags are set or unset.
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