Man pages for jingwyang/AnceTran
the R package for analyzing TF-binding evolution based on ChIP-seq data

aeeAncestral Transcriptome State Inference
AnceTranAnceTran: the package for comparative phylogenetic analysis...
distancesInternal functions for estimating pair-wise transcriptome...
ExptabExpression level table extracted from a 'taxaExp' class
njNeighbor-joining tree
no0brNo zero branch length
tExpConstructConstruct a taxaExp object
TF.objectstaxaTF object created from HNF4A binding data for 4 mice...
TFtabTF-binding score table extracted from a 'taxaTF' class
tTFConstructConstrct a taxaTF object
varMatInvGenerate an inversed variance-covariance matrix from...
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