Man pages for jinyung/otolith
Identification of fish otolith using digital images

aggldaLDA model aggregation
comb-equaldistSample 'comb'/'equally spaced' -style curvilinear...
extractoutExtract outline
getclassExtract class name from landmark configurations
img2landmarkConvert image to semi-landmarks
kfcv-kfcv2k-fold cross-validation
loadimgLoad image
mrkfcv-mrkfcv2Multiple-run k-fold cross-validation
otolith-defunctOtolith defunct functions
otolith-packageIdentification of fish otolith using digital images
otopredPredict new samples based on classification models
otosearchSearch new specimens against project database
otosearch2Otosearch - internal
otosearch3Otosearch - internal function
pccv-harcvOptimizing PC/ harmonics number
plotalloPlot allometric deformation
plotpcaPlot PCA bubble plot
readcurviRead curvilinear semi-landmarks file
relandRe-arrage semi-landmark configuration
rGPAGeneralized Procrustes analysis routine
rNEFNormalized elliptical Fourier analysis routine
routine1Process shape descriptor files
runmacroLaunch ImageJ shape indices macro
saveproj-updateprojSave / update project
selectdimSelect training data dimension
sprdistCalculate within species Procrustes distance
threcvOptimize threshold on posterior probability
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