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Jam Base Methods

adjustAxisLabelMarginsAdjust axis label margins
alpha2colset R color alpha value
applyCLrangeApply CL color range
applyXlsxCategoricalFormatAdd categorical colors to Excel xlsx worksheets
applyXlsxConditionalFormatXlsx Conditional formatting
asDateconvert date DDmmmYYYY to Date
asSizeconvert numeric value to size
breakDensityCalculate more detailed density of numeric values
breaksByVectorbreak a vector into groups
checkLightModecheck lightMode for light background color
col2alphaget R color alpha value
col2hclconvert R color to HCL color matrix
col2hsvConvert R color to HSV matrix
colNum2excelNameconvert column number to Excel column name
color2gradientMake a color gradient
coordPresetsProcess coordinate adjustment presets
cPastepaste a list into a delimited vector
cPasteSpaste a list into a delimited vector using sorted values
cPasteSUpaste a list into a delimited vector using sorted, unique...
cPasteUpaste a list into a delimited vector using unique values
cPasteUniquepaste a list into a delimited vector using unique values
dateToDaysOldconvert date to age in days
decideMfrowDecide plot panel rows, columns for par(mfrow)
deg2radConvert degrees to radians
drawLabelsDraw text labels on a base R plot
exp2signedexponentiate log2 values with directionality
fileInfofile information in data.frame format
fillBlanksFill blank entries in a vector
fixYellowFix yellow color
fixYellowHueFix yellow color hue
formatIntFormat an integer as a string
getAxisLabelGet axis label for minorLogTicks
getColorRampget color ramp by name, color, or function
getDateget simple date string
getPlotAspectGet aspect ratio for coordinates, plot, or device
greplsSearch for objects in the environment
groupedAxisDraw groups axis labels
gsubOrderedGlobal substitution into ordered factor
handleArgsTextHandle function arguments as text
hcl2colconvert HCL to R color
hsv2colConvert HSV matrix to R color
igrepcase-insensitive grep
igrepHasvector contains any case-insensitive grep match
imageByColorsDisplay color raster image using a matrix of colors
imageDefaultDisplay a color raster image
isColordetect valid R color
isFALSEVVectorized isFALSE
isTRUEVVectorized isTRUE
jambajamba: Jam Base Methods
jargsShow R function arguments jam-style
kable_coloringExtend kableExtra colorization of Rmarkdown tables
list2dfConvert list of vectors to data.frame with item, value, name
log2signedlog2 transformation with directionality
makeColorDarkermake R colors darker (or lighter)
make_html_stylesvectorized make_styles for html span output
makeNamesmake unique vector names
make_stylesvectorized make_styles for crayon output
mergeAllXYMerge list of data.frames retaining all rows
minorLogTicksCalculate major and minor tick marks for log-scale axis
minorLogTicksAxisDisplay major and minor tick marks for log-scale axis
mixedOrderorder alphanumeric values keeping numeric values in proper...
mixedSortsort alphanumeric values keeping numeric values in proper...
mixedSortDFsort data.frame keeping numeric values in proper order
mixedSortssort alphanumeric values within a list format
mmixedOrderorder alphanumeric values from a list
nameVectorassign unique names for a vector
nameVectorNdefine a named vector using vector names
newestFileReturn the newest file from a vector of files
noiseFloorApply noise floor and ceiling to numeric vector
normScaleScale a numeric vector from 0 to 1
nullPlotCreate a blank plot with optional labels
padIntegerprefix integers with leading zeros
padStringpad a character string to a fixed length
pasteByRowPaste data.frame rows into character vector
pasteByRowOrderedPaste data.frame rows into an ordered factor
plotPolygonDensityPlot distribution and histogram overlay
plotSmoothScatterSmooth scatter plot with enhancements
printDebugprint colorized output to R console
printDebugIprint colorized output to R console, inverted
provigrepprovigrep: progressive case-insensitive value-grep
rad2degConvert radians to degrees
rbindListrbind a list of vectors into matrix or data.frame
relist_namedrelist a vector which allows re-ordered names
renameColumnRename columns in a data.frame or matrix
rgb2colConvert RGB color matrix to R color
rlengthslengths for recursive lists
rmInfiniteremove Infinite values
rmNAremove NA values
rmNULLremove NULL entries from list
rowGroupMeansCalculate row group means, or other statistics
rowRmMadOutliersRemove outlier points per row by MAD factor threshold
sclassreturn the classes of a list of objects
sdimprint dimensions of list object elements
sdimaprint dimensions of object attributes
setCLrangesGet chroma (C) and luminance (L) ranges for the given...
setPromptset R prompt with project name and R version
setTextContrastColorDefine visible text color
shadowTextDraw text with shadow border
showColorsShow colors from a vector or list
smoothScatterJamSmooth scatter plot, Jam style
sqrtAxisDetermine square root axis tick mark positions
ssdimprint dimensions of nested list objects
ssdimaprint nested dimensions of object attributes
tcountfrequency of entries, ordered by frequency
ucfirstUppercase the first letter in each word
unalphaRemove alpha transparency from colors
unigrepcase-insensitive grep, returning unmatched indices
uniquesapply unique to each element of a list
unnestListUn-nest a nested list into a simple list
unvigrepcase-insensitive grep, returning unmatched values
usrBoxDraw colored box indicating R plot space
vgrepgrep, returning values
vigrepcase-insensitive grep, returning values
warpAroundZeroWarp a vector of numeric values relative to zero
warpRampWarp colors in a color ramp
writeOpenxlsxExport a data.frame to Excel xlsx format
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