Man pages for jotsetung/generalgcrma
GCRMA background adjustment for Affymetrix Tiling, Exon and Gene ST microarrays.

affinity.spline.coefs.exonAffinity spline coefficients for Exon microarrays
gcBoxplotPlot GC dependency of probe intensities
gcrma.adjust.nommGCRMA pre-processing of arrays with custom CDF format background correction
gcrma.bkg.correct.matrixGCRMA background adjustment
gcrma.compute.affinities.local.pmonlyProbe Affinity computation
generalgcrma-packageGCRMA preprocessing of Affymetrix Exon arrays and other...
normalize.quantiles.exonarrayQuantile normalization for Exon microarrays
nucleotidePositionPlotNucleotide position dependent intensities
ResExpressionSet-classClass '"ResExpressionSet"'
test.dataTest intensity data set
test.sequencesTest sequence data set.
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