Man pages for jsilve24/mongrel
Bayesian Multinomial Logistic Normal Regression

access_dimsGeneric method for accessing model fit dimensions
as.list.mongrelfitConvert object of class mongrelfit to a list
check_dimsCheck vector/matrix/data.frame for expected dimensions or...
coef.mongrelfitReturn regression coefficients of mongrelfit object
conjugateLinearModelSolve Bayesian Multivariate Conjugate Linear Model
loglikMongrelCollapsedCalculations for the Collapsed Mongrel Model
maltipoofitCreate maltipoofit object
maltipoo_fitInterface to fit maltipoo models
mongrelfitCreate mongrelfit object
mongrel_fitInterface to fit mongrel models
mongrel_packagemongrel: Fitting and Analysis of Multinomial Logistic Normal...
mongrel_simSimulate simple mongrel dataset and priors (for testing)
mongrel_tidy_samplesConvert mongrel samples of Eta Lambda and Sigma to tidy...
mongrel_transformsTransform Fit Mongrel Parameters to other representations
nameGeneric method for applying names to an object
name_dimsGeneric method for getting and setting dimension names of fit...
name.mongrelfitS3 for mongrelfit apply names to mongrel object
optimMaltipooCollapsedFunction to Optimize the Collapsed Maltipoo Model
optimMongrelCollapsedFunction to Optimize the Collapsed Mongrel Model
plot.mongrelfitPlot Summaries of Posterior Distribution of Mongrelfit...
ppcGeneric method for visualizing posterior predictive checks
ppc.mongrelfitVisualization of Posterior Predictive Check of fit model
ppc_summaryGeneric Method to Plot Posterior Predictive Summaries
predict.mongrelfitPredict response from new data
print.mongrelfitPrint dimensions and coordinate system information for...
random_mongrel_initProvide random initialization for mongrel model
refitGeneric method for fitting model from passed model fit object
reqGeneric method for ensuring object contains required elements
req.maltipoorequire elements to be non-null in mongrelfit or throw error
req.mongrelfitrequire elements to be non-null in mongrelfit or throw error
sample_priorGeneric method for sampling from prior distribution of object
sample_prior.mongrelfitSample from the prior distribution of mongrelfit object
store_coordHolds information on coordinates system to later be reapplied
summary.mongrelfitSummarise mongrelfit object and print posterior quantiles
uncollapseMongrelCollapsedUncollapse output from optimMongrelCollapsed to full Mongrel...
verifyGeneric method for verifying new objects
verify.mongrelfitSimple verification of passed mongrelfit object
verify.multipooSimple verification of passed multipoo object
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